William – How ended up being your cholesterol – before and after?!

We can’t talk to cholesterol levels but my heart had been positively in better shape after ward.

Donna – she was seen by me on Dr. Oz and ended up being therefore moved by her need to stop smoking. She is hoped by me journey is successful. Does she prepare anything without butter? Hehe

She cooks a large amount without butter however the minute she prevents deploying it on air you will have moment individuals shout with outrage that she’s a sell away.

You don’t arrive at a specific spot in public areas life without learning that you can’t please all of them also it’s best to simply be real to who you really are

Jim – Butter or margarine?

Paula is distinctly and determinedly butter just. She faces just as much critique for the as i actually do for my butter/margarine moving. Within the end We feel this would be every single their own. Your kitchen – your rules. We wasn’t assigned to guage

Debbie – Has Paula stopped smoking. In addition saw her on Dr. Oz and saw ab muscles vunerable part of her you don’t often see of highly successful people on television. I possibly could see her hiding her fear (trying to find the right term) with comedy. I was had by her laughing then crying on her along with her battle. I will relate when I have a problem with meals however it simply all flavor so excellent! 😉 Tell her simply how much we all love her time that is next you her. You are loved by us too!

Debbie, many thanks!! i really like you back, i really do.

We can’t talk to whether or otherwise not Paula smokes. We can’t imagine she actually is in a position to be whom this woman is, utilizing the great demands placed on her some time being forced to live under a microscope, with out one thing she does simply for by herself though – it doesn’t matter what this is certainly. I’d need a truck delivery of diet dr pepper each day just to get out of bed if I were ever in her shoes

Willie – Just inform her that people all love both you AND her.

We will accomplish that Willie – and many thanks.

Janet -Did you can satisfy her sons and spouse?

Yes Ma’am! We came across both of her sons, cooked with Bobby and spent a great little bit of time speaking with him, but didn’t arrive at satisfy her sweet spouse.

Amanda – She appears therefore good on tv, we bet this Garland escort woman is also nicer face-to-face? my child constantly states appearance mother our buddy is on tv!

She in fact is a sweet and dear girl.

John- i might like to know very well what color she utilizes on her behalf hair…..Beautiful silver………

Oh is not it? We wish I could inform you! We complimented her locks aswell. She stated “Well honey, If just I could offer it for you you could just fully grasp this color by the ex spouse as well as 2 grown children.”

Latosha – Many years back (1994 or 95) we worked at someplace and Paula Deen had been a customer. We provided to her. I happened to be her customer support rep.. We had conversations that are many she even offered me personally employment throughout the phone. I experienced no aspire to go from Southern GA and didn’t understand her. BOY. I ought to have took up the offer! We got along FABULOUS!

She’s such a sweetheart, is not she?

Lydia – Ask her to come quickly to Huntsville and have now a great big Paula/Christy cookoff and fun-filled day’s fans simply hanging out…..

I’ll do that! We’d need certainly to prepare together though, we don’t do “cookoffs” when I have policy that is strict of contending with my dishes. Competing is saying which you think your cooking or recipe is preferable to others and I’ve never felt in that way. You’re every bit of the same quality a cook when I have always been, if you don’t better!

Angie – just how long you were taping before you started breathing normally when? I’d have already been hyperventilating from sheer joy!

I happened to be never ever the bit that is least stressed. I became stressed the time that is first did tv at just a little neighborhood place in Huntsville a couple of years right back. As soon as i obtained that I always feel blessed whenever I get to spend time with folks on both sides of the camera behind me people have just been people ever since and.