English Composition 1 you will find at the very least four approaches to incorporate quotations.

Integrating Quotations into Phrases

You should never possess a quote standing alone as a sentence that is complete or, even worse, being a partial phrase, in your writing. The quotation will appear disconnected {from your thoughts that are own through the circulation of the phrases. Methods to incorporate quotations correctly into the sentences that are own with proper utilization of punctuation, are explained below.

1. Introduce the quotation through a sentence that is complete a colon.

Instance: In “Where we existed, and The thing I existed For,” Thoreau says directly their function for going to the forests: “we decided to go to the forests because we wanted to stay intentionally, to front just the crucial details of life, to see if i possibly could perhaps not find out exactly what it needed to instruct, rather than, once I found perish, find that I experienced perhaps not lived.”

Sample: Thoreau’s viewpoint might be summarized most readily useful by their duplicated obtain visitors to overlook the insignificant information on life: “

life is frittered away by detail. a truthful guy has barely have to count significantly more than their ten hands, or perhaps in extreme situations he might add their ten toes, and swelling the others. Continue reading