King Claudius however is interested on what Ophelia has received Hamlet’s love (Line 128)

Polonius today requires King Claudius “What do you see myself?” (Line 129) and only immediately following Queen Claudius says to Polonius which he thinks of him because “a person faithful and you can honourable” (Line 130) does Polonius establish that he didn’t agree of every relationship ranging from Hamlet and you may Ophelia anyway.

Polonius demonstrates to you which he informed their dlet try a good prince, regarding thy star [from your league / reach];” advising this lady one “Which [the connection] shouldn’t be:'” (Traces 140-141)

Polonius goes on to explain to King Claudius and you may King Gertrude he advised their girl so you’re able to “lock herself out-of his lodge,” (avoid Hamlet), (Line 142) and that she dutifully did, ultimately causing Hamlet’s introduce distress at being rejected of the Ophelia (Lines 143-148).

Thus it is Hamlet’s getting rejected by Ophelia, Polonius argues, who has caused Hamlet’s “transformation;” which Polonius describes since the ” insanity by which today he raves, / And all of i wail getting” (brand new insanity and that Hamlet currently provides and you will which we cry and you may grieve for), (Line 150).

Polonius commonly “reduce my dlet) very Polonius while the Queen, hiding behind a keen arras (a good tapestry) are able to see on their own if Hamlet loves Ophelia, exhibiting Polonius’ principle getting Hamlet’s behavior

King Claudius asks this new King in the event the the guy believes rejection because of the Ophelia accounts for Hamlet’s “transformation;” to which Queen Gertrude replies, “It may be, very possible” (Line 152).

Polonius hearing this, asks King Claudius and you will King Gertrude whenever have the guy actually ever become wrong, Queen Claudius and Gertrude agreeing one to Polonius possess, on the thoughts, not ever been completely wrong yet (Lines 153-156).

Giving their direct would be to he become completely wrong, Polonius and additionally contributes that “In the event that situations direct myself, I can discover / Where in fact the facts are hid, although it was hid in reality / During the centre” (when the given the chance I am able to discover the factor in Hamlet’s transformation), (Range 158).

The fresh Queen isn’t confident however and you will requires Polonius, “How get we try it further?” (How do assure your own concept?), (Range 159).

Providing to stop his provider to the county in the event the he are completely wrong, Polonius, Queen Claudius’ Lord Chamberlain, asks only happn to remain which have a farm and carters (Traces 160-167).

Wanting to find out more of Hamlet himself, Polonius requires Queen Claudius, King Gertrude and their attendants to go away, that they on time perform, making Polonius alone with Hamlet to help you hopefully get the full story (Traces 169-170).

Hamlet now goes into studying, and that serves as our very own earliest possibility to comprehend the “mad” Hamlet to have ourselves as the King Claudius very first talked about Hamlet’s “transformation;” (Work II, Scene II, Range 5).

Polonius acceptance Hamlet, requires your “Do you realize myself, my personal lord?” (Range 173). Hamlet responses he does, advising Polonius “you are a great fishmonger” (you’re a fish-seller), (Line 174).

Polonius responses that he is maybe not, just in case Hamlet responses “I quickly would you was in fact thus truthful a person” (If only next that you are currently such as for example a respectable son), (Range 177), we see you to Hamlet will be extremely sarcastic and you will distrustful from Polonius’ motives and you can trustworthiness.

It is because seafood mongers was usually depicted due to the fact people regarding sick reputation, enthusiastic to market poor merchandise while the new in the event that provided 1 / 2 of a good possibility. Therefore to have Hamlet so you can desire to Polonius was therefore honest is actually for Hamlet to really make it clear in order to you which he retains Polonius in the really low respect indeed and you can already suspects Polonius provides a keen ulterior objective.

Hamlet today observes you to definitely a reputable child is one-man in ten thousand (Range 181), Polonius agreeing even though perhaps not knowing that Hamlet is simply claiming he second thoughts Polonius is really one, another scathing insult.