Spam fried rice is a great, economical dinner which makes a great weeknight supper!

Spam Fried Rice

Friends, my children happen obsessed with sign up for recently.

I think it’s because I’ve been form of enthusiastic about not receiving take out. We were in a slump here for awhile where we were eating dinner out three or four times a week.

I am talking about, I homesch l my kids so we’re all right here for 3 dishes a 7 days a week day. I suppose a few away from 21 meals isn’t terrible, however it’s perhaps not great also it had been yes getting high priced.

I’ve been trying to produce imaginative and simple lunch tips because that’s where I frequently have stuck.

Whenever kids asked hitting up our regional Asian joint, we compromised using this effortless fried rice recipe rather. It in fact was a hit!

Homemade fried rice can be so darn simple and my young ones LOVE it. Let me show you how we do that!

Fried rice components

Which rice is best for fried rice? Be sure to grab either medium or grain rice that is long. Jasmine rice works very well in fried rice.

We fill our rice that is fried with essentials – carrots, peas, scrambled eggs, and scallions.

For the meat, I’m using Spam. You are able to positively swap in ham when you yourself have it on hand, but i prefer Spam because of just how crispy the outsides have, it is low priced, and I can invariably keep a can within the kitchen so that it’s all set to go when I need it. You won’t find me munching on a piece of Spam, but I kinda think it’s great in my fried rice.

Bacon Fried Rice is another favorite in our house!

Steps to make fried rice

Can rice that is fried made out of fresh rice?

Yes, it CAN be made out of fresh rice, but need that is you’ll provide it a little love first.

I take my freshly made rice and distribute it away for a sheet pan and down let it c l for 30 minutes approximately at space heat. This allows some the dampness to evaporate and helps keep your rice from turning to mush.

If you’d prefer to use day old rice, that works great t and is my favored method. I just don’t also have day rice that is old hand when the craving strikes.

To start out, you’ll want to warm a wok or big, deep skillet. Put in a oil that is little your diced Spam and allow it to get crispy.

Stir in onions and c k those until softened, and also a garlic that is little ginger.

Then, I like to add frozen peas and carrots. After they have prepared straight down a bit, it’s time for rice.

Stir fry the rice and vegetables in a little soy sauce until g d and hot.

Push every thing into the pan off to one side and put in a little bit of oil towards the pan. Break your eggs in, strike these with a soy that is little, and start scrambling.

When the eggs are c ked through, stir every thing right back together, sprinkle on some sliced scallions, squirt on some sriracha and serve!

What things to serve with fried rice

Korean BBQ Pork Chops go great with fried rice, therefore does this pork stir fry!

If you’re buying a reduced carbohydrate primary dish to go with your fried rice, test this chicken stir fry.

I hope you’ll give this effortless rice that is fried a try! I know Spam fried rice might seem just a little available to you, but it’s seriously so great!