Truly the only ones I listed to will state a similar thing (Drake and Zeke)

Be sure to bombard clear-channel r / c with phone calls to eliminate this marvelous butt clown, Bobby bone

DJ’s generally are annoying. I’d end up being annoyed as well and concentrate on the way Kacey claims, aˆ?helloaˆ? try irrelevant and can make this entire thing pointless. Owing to this great site for uploading the complete meeting but aˆ?Bobby Bonesaˆ? does not deserve a typical page on any websites, and definitely not this 1. I am entertained by artists aˆ“ gifted painters. Maybe not some d-bag that activities they are hot items, cannot do well at anything in life so they talk to themselves for a full time income.

They have been destroying any and all resemblances to true nation songs. The powers-that-be desire to PUSH the listener to evolve their particular appetites and preferences to the watered-down aˆ?youngaˆ? country that stands for nothing and sounds like watered down 80’s pop music.

Country enthusiasts by description, are those which KEEP CUSTOM. They are the types who FIGHT the watering down of these life-style, work, morals, governing bodies, sounds, etc – specifically against those outsiders exactly who look at their own country lifestyles/traditions/jobs/morals with RIDICULE and CONTEMPT.

Which is who Bobby limbs are. He try laugh with his program may be the worst justification for radio this listener enjoys have you ever heard.

I really do perhaps not see how any great number of old-fashioned country listeners will simply transform their unique appetites adjust fully to bro-country. The much more likely technique we have found to carry more than pop enthusiasts.

Additionally, let us perhaps not degrade 1980’s pop by researching they for this rubbish. More take tracks for the 80s included genuine musical, plus lyrics that would not insult the listener’s intelligence.

Something really pathetic is it A-Hole is still equipping her and trying to turn their fans against the lady. He could be a relentless bully and I wish that individuals will stand-up for Kacey against this bully.

For me it’s sounding as defamation today, because his constant bad-mouthing of Kacey is now resulting in his audience delivering this lady aˆ?hate-tweetsaˆ? (for decreased a better word). It’s really frightening to consider exactly how much power this guy provides around mainstream jobs of country artisans. He has countless effects over what country radio listeners think about nation painters.

Kacey Musgraves is a boring singer in my opinion. She have an off day in which she did not put on a gracious face nation musicians manage typically and it’s really haunting this lady. I didn’t like Bobby bone initially whilst still being overlook gigantic D Bubba, but I also realize he’s buddies with plenty of country vocalists… so either they’ve been drawing upwards or Kacey have it handed back once again to their finally. In my opinion country sounds would-be fine without this lady.

I interned at Bobby Bones Show when he was still in best 40. There seemed to be an occasion in which a musician came in into facility to tackle a track and, in after phase, Bobby and Co. begun generating negative remarks about all of them as the singer was communicating with us although we had the broadcast on. It absolutely was uncomfortable as you would expect. There had been music artists that will also come in to area select not to do an interview at our very own place because of their past bad background with him.

Bro-country can be so different both musically and lyrically from conventional nation that they should feel separate styles

Anyone above-mentioned he’ll make fun of co-hosts on-air and I also’ve been there whenever I’ve seen that co-host get very troubled across the ways Bobby treats your. Lunchbox is actually a grown up people – and it is very smart, funny, and really great people I ever before found – and Bobby’s had your achieving this shallow, petty, asshole thing for more than a decade now. It sucks because Lunchbox is actually clever and contains too much to deliver program, and he becomes pigeonholed into calling women excess fat and silly all round the day (when in reality, its really BOBBY just who wont offer a lady the next search unless they accommodate his visibility of just what a hot lady needs to be.)